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We are pleased to welcome you on the website of the Community Centre and Library (Village House) of Deszk.

The building of the Village House was built in 1998. The Library, the Community Centre is located here since. Later the Cinema and the ‘Telecenter’ .became housed here as well. The building, which is about 1000 square meter, is standing on the beautiful main square of our village, and it’s interior and technical equipment makes it suitable for the organization of festivals and regional cultural meetings. The  library, operating in the village for more than 40 years, housed in the building with the open shelves and the confortable reading room is available for the interested people. There is an opportunity in the library within the ‘Telecenter’ service for recourse the internet, e-consultation and different office services (photocopying, printing and scanning). The project “The library of the 21th century” (TÁMOP 3.2.4-08/1-2009-0024) supported by the European Union,with the Municipality of Deszk being the beneficiray, the computer processing of the collection for an on-line database had begun. The Community Centre provides place for the art groups’ rehearsal, as well as for the meetings and the events of civil society organizations, which are working in our village. Our regular programs ‘Deszki Maros Menti Fesztivál’, ‘Ezt tanultuk!’ ‘Falukarácsony’, ‘Majális’, Falunapok’, provide great opportunities for entertainment demanded by the inhabitants and the visitors too. The cinema operates in the Village House from 2001 presenting farily new films once a week when all being enthusiasts for the movie are welcome.

Our purpose is to develop an institution that can ensure the opportunity for the demanding entertainment and cultural/educational programs for all visitors. Furthermore, to be an open house, that creates values and mediate that, as well as may shape and serve the community.

I hope we may greet you on our events soon.

Ildikó Bene

Contacts: Community Centre and Library (Village House) of Deszk
6772 Deszk, Tempfli square 8.
Tel/fax: 62/571-599